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Mia Bella's Fundraising

Why Should I Do Fundraising with Mia Bella's?

We constantly search and hand-select fragrance oils from around the world so that our candles give off a strong, realistic scent when they burn. If it is an apple scented candle, it will smell like apples, not perfume. We take pride in our process which assures that every aspect of our candle is crafted with the highest quality and we truly believe that the key to having a long-term relationship with your fundraising organization and your customer base is to offer a candle that has no equal!

This is a fantastic high-quality product. Mia Bella's candles are manufactured using the highest quality all-natural wax available. They are clean-burning, which means they are practically soot-free, are completely non-toxic, and are 100% bio-degradable. They burn evenly all the way down and average burn time is 80 hours, making them the least expensive to burn! Everyone likes the fact that Mia Bella's candles come from renewable sources, making them safe for the environment.

Groups That Can Benefit from Fundraising with Mia Bella's

  • Sports Teams - Baseball / Football / Soccer / Volleyball etc.
  • School Clubs - Band / Glee / Cheerleading / Chess / Theater etc.
  • Churches and Religious Organizations
  • Day Care Centers, Dance Studios, Motorcycle Clubs
  • Animal Shelters and SPCA Organizations
  • Senior Citizen Groups and Organizations
  • Any Group or Organization that needs to raise money

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