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How To Earn A Part Time Income With Fundraising

There are thousands of organizations in your area looking for ways to earn more money every year. Why not help them and earn money at the same time?

Imagine being able to show organizations in your area a fundraiser using Mia Bella's products.

The process of setting up a Mia Bella's fundraiser is simple. All you have to do is present your information to a group and when they decide to have a Mia Bella's fundraiser, your work is just about finished! Most organizations already know how to do a fundraiser!

To get them started, you will provide them with the necessary papers, (found in your distributor back office) and they will go out and do the fundraiser. When the group is ready for the candles you simply call in the order and we can either ship it directly to the fundraising group or to you.

Imagine that you could set up just 30 of the thousands of organizations in your area and they had a Spring/Summer and a Fall/Winter Fundraiser each year This would mean that you could be earn a part time fundraising income! An added benefit is from the customers who purchase the candles at a fundraiser! You could get lots of new retail customers, more fundraisers or even new team members from it!

Fund-Raising As An Ongoing Business (A Testimonial)

I got involved with Scent-Sations and decided to look at the fundraising part after selling some candles to a co-worker. I was overwhelmed to find out about how many people all around me burned scented candles, and absolutely loved Mia Bella's better than anything else they ever burned. I literally couldn't keep the stuff in stock just from orders from my workplace. Luckily for me I live only a few minutes from the warehouse and could stop by on the way to work to pick up inventory that had been pre-sold.

I sold a co-worker 4 candles. She gave 2 to her sister for gifts. The sister called me and asked me if she could do a fundraiser with the candles. My answer was "I don't know, let me call CEO Bob Scocozzo!"

Bobby said "Of course we can!"

Six months later they called in their fundraiser order. That little parochial school sold over 700 candles! I said, "this can't be this easy!"

I decided to focus a lot of attention on fundraising. I started calling and knocking on the doors of anyone I could think who did fundraising: sports groups (I coach baseball), schools, day care centers, etc.

I also found out that about two weeks prior to school openings there are tons of small stories about different organizations having meetings for fundraising for their group. I either call them (if there is a contact number in the article) or simply drop by to their meeting armed with Mia Bella's information and products.

I also let them know that my sticker will be on the bottom of every candle in case any customer has questions about the candle. Of course, Ive gotten lots of fundraisers, enrollees and customers from this label. Many people who buy from that fundraising group love the candle so much they contact me to do a fundraiser for their group.

I've averaged ONE fundraiser every 10 days for two years now. Imagine having a side business that is practically on auto pilot and you will realize how powerful this can be. All it takes is a little "energy" to get out there in the early stages and being consistent in talking to those organizations that can make this kind of business happen. It doesn't hurt that I can offer them the most powerful candle in history and one of the best money making products in fundraising history!

-Dave Lewis, PA