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International Sales

As Mia Bella's candles were selling across the USA and Canada we continued to hear the same thing: "This is the best scented candle on the planet!"

We test marketed Mia Bella's candles into the international market place in 2015 with independent vendors. In that year we saw success in Slovakia, Saudi Arabia and England. Three very different cultures and yet all three countries proved successful.

We now know two key things...(1) Mia Bella's are a smash hit no matter where they are sold. (2) We have a program that works and we can duplicate if via vendors in many international markets.

How can YOU capitalize on this?

We are now able to offer our distributors the chance to earn income in the international markets... Here is how it will work for you. If you have a contact in another country who is interested in opening a "Mia Bella's" store you can put him/her/them on the phone with CEO Bob Scocozzo.

When your contact places an order you will be considered the "sponsor." Each time they order Scent-Sations will pay you a commission.

Now you have a Fourth way of making money with Scent-Sations: "International Referrals!"