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Enter the Lab: Secrets to Candle Burning Success

Carmen"s Portrait

Inside the Lab is where Carmen works his magic. He is constantly striving to improve the candles in any way possible, and is undergoing various phases of research at any given time in order to provide YOU with the highest quality, best performing candles in the world!

There are a few things to be aware of when burning any candles, not just our candles. Some you may know about - others may surprise you.

Here are Carmen's Secrets to Candle-Burning Success and Frequently Asked Questions from the field... if you follow his guidelines, you can be assured that your Mia Bella's Cleaner Burning Gourmet Candles will perform at their highest level!

  1. Burn your candles a maximum of 3 to 4 hours for best performance

  2. Never burn your candles unattended!

  3. Trim the wick so the length does not exceed ¼ inch - if the wick is longer, it will cause the candle to burn hotter and hotter

  4. Our candles use 2 cotton wicks instead of 1 for more complete combustion

  5. For maximum performance from your votives, burn them in a snug glass votive holder - don't just place them on a plate or other surface or they will collapse and not burn for long at all!

  6. Drafts in a room that are created from ceiling fans, high-traffic areas or counter/floor fans can and will change their performance! For best results do not burn the candles in areas where there are strong drafts.

  7. Our candles are manufactured above standard acceptable flash points on all candles - period!

  8. The candles flame height should be between ½ inch and ¾ inch - no more! If your flame is higher than ¾ inch, you need to either trim the wick or blow the candle out and start over at a later time.

  9. If your candle flame is too low and you are not getting a complete wax pool, you can pour out some of the wax pool to allow the flame size to increase and burn hotter and thus, more completely.

  10. A little wax left on the inside of the jar as the candle burns down is really ideal because that means the candle is not burning too hot.

  11. Please note that wicks do NOT burn down with the candle - they must be trimmed.

  12. The wicks are the single most important aspect to any candle and they MUST be maintained and trimmed when necessary because all parts of the candle get absorbed and released through the wick!

  13. Our candles are not "soot-free" - they are "low-soot" or if you prefer, "90% soot-free". The wax we use is a proprietary blend of all-natural renewable materials, but not the fragrance oils. Since there is approximately 10% fragrance oil in our candles (which may produce a very small amount of soot), they cannot be classified as 100% soot-free - no candle can unless there is no fragrance oil in it (Unscented) or if it uses all-natural fragrance oils (which don't smell good).

  14. The other question I get asked a lot is whether or not we use essential oils in our candles - the answer is no. We use only the highest quality fragrance oils from the world's leading fragrance companies and spare no expense to give you the most realistic and incredibly smelling candle in the world!