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Retail Sales

How To Earn An Excellent Part Time Home Based Income With Direct Sales

Almost everyone you know has scented candles in his or her home! Chances are 99% of those candles are paraffin candles! The process of selling Mia Bella Gourmet Candles is so simple. Since most people already buy scented candles they will be open to at least look at your gourmet candles. Once you let them smell the gourmet candle you are assured a sale!

A simple "show and smell" demonstration will put money in your pocket daily!

There are many ways to retail our candles: Home parties, information seminars, direct face to face selling, booths, etc.

Read what our distributors are saying!

I was looking for an easy and fun way to make some extra money and met another distributor at a festival. Being a candle lover myself, I knew these candles were top quality. I decided to give it a shot and signed on. I've done several festivals, craft shows, even car shows, not to mention a few fundraiser's. One thing I've found out is people who try them, love them, and will be repeat customers.

-Sharon Ferdinand, PA

The tale of "Old Orange"

I own a small telecommunications company and my wife and I added the Mia Bella Gourmet Candle business into our lives because we love the candles and know the amazing potential. I gave one of my telecommunication sales reps a Mia Bella Orange Creamsicle Candle when we met at a business seminar in San Francisco. He immediately commented on how it was the best smelling candle he ever smelled. He told me he could probably sell a ton of them.

I returned home the next day and within a few hours he called and told me he was passing "Old Orange" around and letting his friends smell it and he needed a case. A little while later he called to tell me he needed two more cases and by day's end he needed three cases. He never sold Old Orange. He simply let people smell it and took retail orders! I bet he will sell a ton of these candles!

-Shep Kuester, WA